Our Mission :   "To live for Jesus and bring others to him."

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On behalf of the congregation of Culloden Baptist Church, welcome to our web site. We are delighted to share some information about us with you and hope that you find it helpful. If through the various links you do not find the information you are looking for then please do get in touch with us and we'll be glad to help.

As a church it is our mission in all of our lives to live for Jesus and to bring others to know Him. So we seek to make Him 'the main thing' in everything that we do.

CBC gathers to worship in the areas of Culloden and Balloch. We meet in the Theatre of Culloden Academy on Sunday mornings, and the Balloch Community Hall on the first and third evenings of the month. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come along.

Our church is made up of people from all over Inverness and the surrounding areas. So whilst we gather for worship in Culloden and Balloch, we scatter from there to share the good news about Jesus Christ and to live for Him all over Inverness and the surrounding area.

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Pastor Kenny Ross

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2014-09-21 Notes
The Authorities and Jesus
Who is in authority over you? Who is under your authority? You will have, or will, arrive at a place of balance with those around you in regard to those in authority over you and those over whom you have authority. The past months/years in the lead up to Thursdays vote was all about the lines of authority and where they were drawn. Many were anxious since the balance that existed for years was being called into question.
In the time of Jesus there were different theological and ideological views in Jerusalem. A constant vying for power and control by different groups. Whilst some of these could be termed "conservatives" and others "liberals" they had, in spite of their differences, managed to arrive at a place where power was shared and the people sat beneath their authority. This all sounds familiar right?
But what happens when you inject Jesus into such a situation? This morning we`ll find out!
This evening, in a bid to be better equipped to share the gospel, we will be trying to understand  the "situation" in Inverness. Is it really like "Athens" (Acts 17)?